Newgrange, Brú na Bóinne, County Meath, Ireland. 

4.26pm.  Sunday 18th June 2017

The entrance stone to the main passage tomb at Newgrange is three metres long, 1.5 metres diameter, and weighing 5 tonnes, yet its significance defies our comprehension.  The rising sun in the week of the winter solstice illuminates the central chamber of the mound.

Notice the spirals moving in opposing directions and separated by a line or bar; the treskelion motif is found also in the cultural iconography of both Sicily and the Isle of Man.

Newgrange 2

The massive Neolithic mound is 76 metres in diameter, 12 metres high, and is contains 250,000 tonnes of soil and gravel, walled with white quartz from Wicklow, and fringed by carved limestone kerbstones.  The structure predates Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid at Giza.