South of Watford

I’ve lived south of Watford for over forty years but until a few years ago thought of myself an exile.  However, the places I’ve left behind are barely recognisable any more: the people haven’t changed much but the buildings I knew, the places I haunted, have been lost.  When I return I can pass as a native, but I feel like a tourist.

I hadn’t considered myself a Londoner, but I couldn’t help notice that more recent arrivals – from different parts of the world and not just different parts of the UK – embrace their new identity.

Another city has for a long time asserted ‘If you’re in Madrid, you’re from Madrid.’  I’ve now embraced my latent Londoner.  This started as an account of the city I encounter and the way I experience it, but it’s expanded to include sharing the cultural journey that brought me to where I am.  I hope you find it interesting and you’ll share your own stories and experiences in return.