It’s been a few years since I last noticed a possible astrological alignment that favours the development of a particular artistic talent (as revealed by the science of famous people’s birthdays listed in that morning’s papers) but today, 14 May, is an occasion when several accomplished movie people might be blowing out the candles on their cakes.

And, OK, so Bogie didn’t actually say those words in Casablanca, but it’s a recognisable misquote that avoids repeating in full a headline previously used on 7 March and 24 August. (Follow the links if you want to check them out.) Anyway the role of honour for 14 May includes, in alphabetical order,

Francesca Annis

Cate Blanchett

Sofia Coppola

George Lucas

Martine McCutcheon

Sian Phillips

Tim Roth

Robert Zemeckis