St Paul’s Cathedral, 1.00 pm, Friday 30 December 2016

Just after 6.00 pm on Sunday 29th December 1940, London experienced its heaviest bombardment by the Luftwaffe in the blitz from November 1940 to May 1941.  Between 6.00 pm and midnight over 100,000 incendiary and 24,000 high explosive bombs were dropped on London factories and warehouses between Islington and St Pauls.  The damage would have been even greater if it hadn’t been for poor weather in northern France; the returning bombers were to be reloaded and re-despatched, but a couple of aircraft crashed on landing in the poor visibility so the subsequent waves were cancelled.

Seventy six years after that night I returned to explore the area around St Paul’s to see how the city had renewed itself.  The swirling mist of a morning in December created impressions of the iconic image of the London blitz, St Paul’s Survives.

St Pauls blitz