Those great guys in the Square Mile are at it again.  With a meticulous eye for detail they energetically set about their business ensuring every customer is a happy customer.

A month or so ago I was advised that as an old savings account I hadn’t used for several years was evidently dormant would be closed in March this year, and the remaining deposit (less than £10) donated to a registered charity.  I thought if that’s its destiny then I’d prefer to close the account and give the money to a charity of my choice rather than theirs.  It didn’t seem to cross anyone’s mind that perhaps the savings account wasn’t being used because they offered a meagre 0.001% interest on deposits.  Yes, if the account had had £100 in it I would have earned a penny a year in interest.  So I closed the account and this is the confirmation I received.


Where did that come from?  Happy New Year!