This blog post by the Grenfell Action Group last November is a timely reminder that mayhem, destruction, and death can be caused just as easily through the inaction of faceless bureaucrats as by terrorists.

For the residents of Grenfell Tower, last night’s dreadful fire has resulted in death, homelessness, and the loss of all possessions. It has again demonstrated how the overstretched and underpaid staff of our emergency services can be relied to never let us down in the way that our political leaders do, over and over again. They will no doubt plead that lessons will be learned when they patently haven’t learned from the previous tower block fire described here.

I offer this space to the Grenfell Action Group to highlight the incompetence of  Kensington and Chelsea Council and its agencies, and whose response to criticism by the Action Group is to use the law to try and close their website down.